Urban Elementary Education

at Metropolitan State University

Program Details

  • Award: Bachelor of Science
  • Credits: 120
  • Delivery: Face-to-face
  • WIA Certified

About this Program

This program prepares individuals to teach education subject areas in the elementary grades of pre-kindergarten through grade 6. The focus is designed to meet the need of urban schools for diverse teachers who can improve students' educational achievement and relate to the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse youth and their communities.The program seeks reflective and resilient teachers who are outstanding in their commitment to teaching urban youth and providing equal educational opportunity.

Program Locations

  • Metropolitan State University, St Paul Campus 55106

Labor Market Information

  • Kindergarten Teachers
  • Median wage:$53,153/year-Above the median
  • Employment outlook: Below statewide average
  • Preschool Teachers
  • Median wage:$15.98/hour-Below the median
  • Employment outlook: Above statewide average
  • Elementary School Teachers
  • Median wage:$58,050/year-Above the median
  • Employment outlook: Below statewide average
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