Program Details

  • Award: Associate of Fine Arts
  • Credits: 60
  • Delivery: Face-to-face

About this Program

The Associate in Fine Arts program at Hibbing Community College has been designed to challenge students to explore a personal approach to a variety of art mediums. The progarm requires students to develop a specific language to articulate ideas, methods and intentions of their artwork and the artwork of others. Students will use the understanding of contemporary and historical art to better inform their work and understanding of the visual systems used in cultures around the world. The Associate in Fine Arts degree will prepare students for direct transfer to a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Program Locations

  • Hibbing Community College 55746

Labor Market Information

  • Fine Artists
  • Median wage:$25.75/hour-Above the median
  • Employment outlook: Below statewide average
  • College Art, Drama, and Music Teachers
  • Median wage:$63,394/year-Well above the median
  • Employment outlook: Average
  • Craft Artists
  • Median wage:$22.39/hour-Above the median
  • Employment outlook: Below statewide average
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