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Century College
ACCT 1030 - Computerized Accounting Applications (Online) - 3 credits
This course is a comprehensive overview of QuickBooks Pro software for business. Students will perform multiple accounting transactions and run reports using QuickBooks. These include recording checks/deposits, preparing bank reconciliations, recording sales/receivables, recording purchases/accounts payables, accounting for inventory, recording payroll transactions, recording fixed asset transactions and financial statement preparation. Students will also gain experience writing accounting procedures related to QuickBooks. This course is relevant to prospective students interested in increasing their knowledge of QuickBooks for their business or current accounting position. Prerequisite(s): ACCT 1010 or ACCT 2020 with a grade of "C" or higher and ACCT 1020 and CAPL 1010 or instructor consent.
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North Hennepin Community College
ACCT 2230 - Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks - 3 credits
This course provides a hands-on approach to learning how current (on the market) computerized accounting systems are used and installed. The following modules are covered: general ledger, financial statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, inventory and payroll. Note: Knowledge of accounting debits and credits and CIS 1101 or computer experience is recommended. Prerequisite: Acct 2111
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Saint Paul College
ACCT 1521 - Accounting Computer Appl-See ACCT 1523 - 4 credits
Designed to combine the theory of financial accounting principles with accounting software applications. The course will cover the basic design of accounting software and students will develop an analytical understanding of its properties. Special emphasis will be placed on applying the theory of accounting to the practice of using an accounting software package. (Prerequisite(s): ACCT 1411) 4C/4/0/0
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