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While all courses listed as equivalents below are transferable, they are not necessarily equivalent in both directions. The courses below transfer TO the college or university shown above. To see how courses from your home college or university transfer to other participating colleges or universities, you can search Transferology.

If you are enrolling in the equivalent course in order to fulfill a program/major requirement, it is best to check with your academic advisor to ensure that the equivalent course will meet the requirements of your particular major.

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Dakota County Technical College
BUSN 1110 - Business Law and Ethics - 3 credits
Examine workplace issues impacting supervisory responsibilities and explore the influence of ethics on individuals and organizations. You will be introduced to the American legal system. Understand civil, criminal, TORT, contract, employment and labor laws and other factors that affect business operations.
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Inver Hills Community College
PA 1103 - UCC and Business Organizations - 4 credits
Introduces the student to the laws of sales, commercial paper, secured transactions, and the Uniform Commercial Code as well as agency and partnership, corporations and other business entities. There is an emphasis on the role of the lawyer and the paralegal in the formation of business entities which includes the preparation of related documents. Prerequisites: Grade C or better in PA 1102.
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Minnesota State University Moorhead
ACCT 306 - Contracts and Business Entities - 3 credits
Study of contracts, agency, business organizations (including all forms of partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies), and securities regulation.
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
BLAW 450 - Contracts,Sales,and Professional Responsibility - 3 credits
Fundamentals of contracts, the law of sales under the UCC; the legal liability of accountants to clients and third parties. Formation of contracts; statute of frauds and parol evidence rule; contract performance; remedies for breach of contract; scope of UCC Article Two; sales warranties; remedies for breach of contracts.
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Minnesota West Community and Technical College
BUS 2241 - Business Law - 3 credits
Business Law involves the study of the law and practical aspects of contracts, negotiable instruments, agency, and other legal matters of importance to business men and women. In Business Law, the proper procedures in connection with adequate evidence in cases of legal proceedings will be considered. Business ethics are an integral part of every aspect of law.
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South Central College
ACCT 1800 - Business Law - 3 credits

This course is an introduction to the principles of law as they apply to citizens and businesses. Topics include ethics, the court system, the legal system, contracts, negotiable instruments, agency and employment, bailments, business organizations, sales and insurance. (Prerequisites: None)
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Winona State University
BUSA 311 - Business Law II - 3 credits

Partnerships, corporations, bankruptcy, negotiable instruments, antitrust, securities, insurance, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and patents. Prerequisites for College of Business majors and minors: Admission to the College of Business and BUSA 291. Prerequisites for non-College of Business majors and minors: Junior standing, BUSA 291, and instructor's permission. Grade only.
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