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Bemidji State University
CRJS 3306 - Corrections and Penology - 3 credits

Provides the student with an understanding of corrections as a major part of the criminal justice system. Focuses on principles, assumptions, and processes pertaining to achieving correctional goals and objectives. Emphasis on justifications, philosophy of punishment. Prerequisites: CRJS 1120 or consent of instructor.
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Century College
CJS 2083 - Introduction to Corrections (Partially Online) - 3 credits
This course will use the criminal justice perspective to explore analysis of corrections and correctional policy within the criminal and juvenile justice system in American society. Systematic organization of punishment and incarceration will be studied according to institutional and community-based programs with regard to recurrent and chronic issues for management and officers. This course is a requirement for the criminal justice program and the investigative sciences program for criminal justice. Recommendation: Students should have completed 15 college credits prior to taking this class. Assessment score placement in RDNG 1000 or above, or completion of RDNG 0900 or RDNG 0950 with a grade of "C" or higher and assessment score placement in ENGL 1021, or completion of ENGL 0090 with a grade of "C" or higher.
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Inver Hills Community College
CJS 1156 - American Corrections - 3 credits
Considers the history, theories and practices of corrections, which will be reviewed and applied to the Minnesota corrections system. Course formerly known as CJS1156 Introduction to Corrections.
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Minneapolis Community and Technical College
LAWE 1250 - Introduction to Corrections - 3 credits
This is an introductory course designed to provide you with an overview of the problems and ethical dilemmas that face America's correctional system. The institution of corrections is not only a study of our prison system; it is myriad complex interrelationships among many components and institutions of society. This course will uncover the factors that influence corrections, both those who work and administer in corrections and the forces outside of the corrections industry.
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Minnesota State University Moorhead
SOC 303 - Punishment and Prisons - 3 credits
This class traces the origins and development of incarceration as the principle response to crime in the U.S. It explores changing punishment practices, reasons offered to justify punishment, and the social organization of contemporary U.S. prisons.
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
CORR 443 - History of Prisons and Punishment - 3 credits
Addresses the justifications and the historical development of punishment, the legal and policy issues concerning capital punishment, and the use of incarceration as a response to crime.
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Normandale Community College
SOC 2134 - Corrections - 3 credits
A sociological analysis of corrections and punishment in modern society, exploring the prison system, community based corrections and alternatives to incarceration.
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North Hennepin Community College
SOC 2730 - Introduction to Corrections - 3 credits
Hist/Soc/Behav Sci (05)
This course examines corrections as a major component of the criminal justice system in the United States. Topics may include programs, practices and critical issues. Prerequisite: Soc 1710 or Consent of Instructor
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St. Cloud State University
CJS 415 - Corrections: Theory and Practice - 3 credits

Historical development, theories, and institutions of punishment and social control. Social systems of prisoners and officers; institutional administration and legal issues in management; policies and strategies of intervention; decision-making in sentencing and parole; and treatment and organization as they relate to the criminal justice process. Prereq.: CJS 111 and CJS 411 or CJS 433. 3 Cr. F, S, SUM.
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Winona State University
SOC 355 - Corrections - 3 credits
An analysis of the systems and functions of corrections including the areas of administration of programs and security. Limited to 30 students. Prerequisites: Admission to Sociology-Criminal Justice program and instructor's permission. Grade only. Offered each semester.
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