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While all courses listed as equivalents below are transferable, they are not necessarily equivalent in both directions. The courses below transfer TO the college or university shown above. To see how courses from your home college or university transfer to other participating colleges or universities, you can search Transferology.

If you are enrolling in the equivalent course in order to fulfill a program/major requirement, it is best to check with your academic advisor to ensure that the equivalent course will meet the requirements of your particular major.

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Century College
ADCO 2010 - Addiction Counseling Assessments - 3 credits
This course addresses the screening, intake, assessment, treatment planning, and the multicultural aspects of addiction counseling, case management, referral, record keeping, reports, consultation and professional conduct. Students focus on addiction counseling assessment and criteria including Rule 25, the Six Dimensions of treatment planning according to Rule 31. This course meets the academic course work requirement for Minnesota Statute 2005 Chapter 148C and Minnesota Rule 4747. Prerequisite: ADCO 1020 and HSER 1030.
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Mesabi Range College
CDEP 2262 - Chemical Dependency Assessment - 3 credits
This course is a study of Chemical Dependency Assessment. Emphasis will be placed on practical application and practice in the use of Chemical Dependency Assessment skills.
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Minneapolis Community and Technical College
COUN 2620 - Assessment and Interviewing - 3 credits

This course teaches the skills of chemical health assessment and referral. You will learn appropriate interviewing techniques, data collection, and diagnostic and referral procedures. You will review several assessment tools, including "Rule 25" and DSM-IV criteria. You will practice advanced counseling skills and motivational interviewing techniques. This course meets the 30-hour state requirement for "Rule 25" training. Must be taken A-F.
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Ridgewater College
HSER 0234 - Assessment and Interviewing - 3 credits
This course is designed to develop a specialized set of interviewing skills. It meets requirements for general assessments, chemical use assessments and Rule 25 assessments. A major emphasis will be on the application of interviewing skills in a laboratory approach.
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