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Century College
HSER 1020 - Introduction to Human Services - 3 credits

This course provides a survey of the human services field which will include history of human service; education and training; worker roles; agencies, programs, and community resources; career and job opportunities; skills, knowledge, and values of the human service worker.
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Inver Hills Community College
HSER 7126 - Ethical Issues in Human Service - 2 credits
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HSER 7100 - Introduction to Human Services - 3 credits
This course is a prior learning assessment for HSER 1100. Please see HSER 1100 for a complete course outline.
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HSER 1100 - Introduction to Human Services - 3 credits
Provides an introduction to the field of Human Services. Course describes history, worker roles, and current career trends in the field. Students are required to participate in hands-on experience through service learning. This course is appropriate for anyone who might be interested in the helping profession. To complete the requirements of the course students will need to receive a criminal background clearance. Please refer to the Criminal Background section of the catalog for more information on the criminal background study.
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Itasca Community College
PSYC 2100 - Group Processes - 3 credits
Ethical/Civic Resp (09)
Hist/Soc/Behav Sci (05)
Critical Thinking (02)
This course provides students with a better understanding of the importance and functioning of groups through an overview of group theory and group dynamics (e.g., norms and roles, status and power, communication, leadership, conflict, decision making and productivity, and the influence of diversity). Students will become more aware of their interpersonal style and group behavior and develop more effective group skills that can be applied in personal and professional settings. This course meets MTC areas 2, 5 and 9. Prerequisite(s): Psyc 1101 or consent of instructor
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PSYC 1105 - Introduction to Human Services - 3 credits
This course provides an overview of the history of helping; theoretical perspectives and models of helping; roles and functions of human service workers; prevention; ethics; and current issues/controversies in the field of human services. This course also explores human service systems and agencies, with an emphasis on local resources. Prerequisite(s): None
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Minneapolis Community and Technical College
HSER 1001 - Introduction to Human Services and Career Assessment - 4 credits

This course combines a basic overview of human-services knowledge with self-assessment exercises to help you evaluate your choice to work in the helping professions. Topics include the human services field and profession, the history of human services, future trends, and multicultural perspective. This knowledge is combined with exercises, some small group work, and experiential learning to help you assess your personal attitudes, values, and interests in the field. Community service project outside of class may be required.
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North Hennepin Community College
HSER 1100 - Introduction to Human Services - 3 credits
This course introduces students to the field of Human Services. Course describes history, worker roles, and current career trends in the field. Recommended completion of, or concurrent enrollment in EAP 1260: College Writing Skills Development plus EAP 1230: College Reading and Study Skills or above with a grade of C or better.
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Riverland Community College
HSER 1100 - Introduction to Social Work and Human Services - 3 credits
This course examines the current roles and work place settings of social workers and human service workers. Many current policies and laws drive the function and focus of the social worker and human service worker. To understand more fully the functions of these policies and laws, this course examines a few of the important policies and laws that affect workers in this field. Ethics will be closely reviewed during the course as well as the basic skills and interventions that are required of human service workers. (3 Cr - 3 lect, 0 lab)
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Rochester Community and Technical College
HS 1522 - Introduction to Human Services - 3 credits
This course covers the role and responsibilities of human services workers and introduces the student to human services agencies. Interpersonal communication skills are stressed throughout the course, and basic interviewing skills will be studied by working through a computer program. Profession ethics, self-understanding, boundary issues, problem solving, and group process are also covered. The student will create resumes, write job application letters, complete a job application form, and prepare for the employment interview. (Prerequisites: None). (3 C/2 lect, 1 lab, 0 OJT).
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