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While all courses listed as equivalents below are transferable, they are not necessarily equivalent in both directions. The courses below transfer TO the college or university shown above. To see how courses from your home college or university transfer to other participating colleges or universities, you can search Transferology.

If you are enrolling in the equivalent course in order to fulfill a program/major requirement, it is best to check with your academic advisor to ensure that the equivalent course will meet the requirements of your particular major.

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Minnesota State University Moorhead
CSIS 320 - Architecture - 4 credits
Basic principles of processor organization, machine instructions, addressing modes, memory management, and input/output operations. Includes coverage of assembly language.
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
IT 320 - Machine Structures and Operating Systems - 4 credits
Introduction to computer hardware including Boolean logic, digital circuits, data representations, digital arithmetic, digital storage, performance metrics, pipelining, memory hierarchy, and I/O; Operating System concepts, interface, multi-tasking, threads, memory and file management, programming tools.
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Normandale Community College
CSCI 2021 - Machine Architecture & Organization - 4 credits
Introduction to computer organization, machine language, and the use of assembly language programming using the Motorola 680x0 or DEC alpha instruction set.
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North Hennepin Community College
CSCI 2020 - Machine Architecture and Organization - 4 credits
As an introduction to computer organization and structure, this course includes beginning machine and assembly language programming. Topics to be covered include logic gates and Boolean algebra, basic elements of computing devices, basic components of a computer, data representation and number systems, micro operations, microprogramming, and input-output programming. Prerequisite: CSci 1030 or CSci 1090 or CSci 1120 or CSci 1130 or CSci 1150 or CSci 1190
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Saint Paul College
CSCI 2570 - Machine Architecture and Organization - 4 credits
This course covers basic hardware and software structure; I/O and main memory organization; internal representation of data; addressing methods; program controls; microprocessor families; multiprocessors; concurrent programming and synchronization; and RISC architectures. Students in this course will become proficient in assembly level programming and will extend this knowledge to higher level languages such as language C. Students are expected to devote a significant amount of time in analyzing designing and implementing low-level software for this platform. The course is designed around the specifications published by the ACM and IEEE for a course on Computer Organization and Architecture. (Prerequisite(s): CSCI 1410, CSCI 1521, or CSCI 1523) 4C/4/0/0
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St. Cloud State University
CSCI 320 - Computer Architecture 2 - 4 credits
Design of arithmetic and sequential circuits, instruction sets, and CPU controllers. Memory organization, pipelined processors, and I/O interface. Advanced assembly language programming. Lab. Prereq.: CSCI 220, MATH 271. 4 Cr. F,S.
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Winona State University
CS 375 - Computer Systems - 4 credits

This course is an overview of the hardware and software of computer systems. Topics include computer organization and computer architecture, data representation, assembly language, memory systems, operating systems, networking and security, run-time environments, and advanced topics such as RISC vs. CISC, non von Neumann architectures, and Java virtual machine. Prerequisite: CS 250.
We cannot determine if this course equivalent is in effect at this time.