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Bemidji State University
BUAD 3567 - Consumer Behavior - 3 credits
An interdisciplinary approach to the study of the buying behaviors of consumers. Emphasizes the marketing implications of theory and findings from the behavioral sciences. Prerequisite: BUAD 3361.
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Minnesota State University Moorhead
MKTG 421 - Consumer Behavior - 3 credits
Using concepts drawn from the behavioral sciences to understand those activities people undertake when obtaining, consuming, and disposing of products and services.
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
MRKT 316 - Consumer Behavior - 3 credits

Students will learn about consumer decision styles, perceptions, group influences, family decision-making, lifestyles, shopping behaviors and domestic and international trends related to marketing strategies. The framework consists of individual or group projects, usually requiring some personal interviewing, exams, and reports.
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Southwest Minnesota State University
MKTG 391 - Consumer Behavior - 3 credits
The nature of marketing to consumers makes it virtually impossible to determine individual purchasing preferences so the market must be analyzed based on general characteristics of the target market for a product or service. This course studies the behavioral characteristics of various consumer groups to better equip students with skills necessary to plan consumer-marketing strategies based on behavior patterns.
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St. Cloud State University
MKTG 321 - Buyer Behavior - 3 credits

Consumer and organizational buying behavior; psychological, economic, and socio-cultural theories as they relate to buying decisions. Prereq.: 320. 3 Cr. F,S,SUM.
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