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Minnesota State University Moorhead
SOC 351 - Quantitative Methods - 3 credits
This course is a continuation of Sociology 350. The objective of the course is to offer hands-on experience in quantitative research methods and data analysis. Students will design and carry out a research project utilizing quantitative research methods, analyze data using descriptive and inferential statistics, conduct elementary hypothesis testing, and write reports of their findings. Students will gain experience using statistical packages for data analyses on computers.
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SOC 352 - Qualitative Methods - 3 credits
This course provides advanced training in qualitative research though an applied approach whereby students carry out an original research project, from the initial conceptualization stage, through data collection and analysis, and writing the report, and presenting the findings. This advanced data analysis course provides training in several qualitative approaches in sociological research, with the central foci on ethnographic observations and depth interviewing.
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
SOC 469 - Survey Research - 3 credits
Techniques of survey research, interview, and questionnaire construction, field administration, and sampling methodology.
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SOC 480 - Qualitative Methods - 3 credits
Participant observation, focused interviews, and qualitative analysis; students actively participate in a field research project. Prereq: SOC 101 or SOC 101W; SOC 201 or similiar science research course with instructor permission.
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Southwest Minnesota State University
SOCI 315 - Applied Social Research - 3 credits
This introduction to social research applies social research methods to sociology, criminal justice, and social work. Includes analysis of published research along with quantitative and qualitative research methods in investigating social issues, program evaluation, practice evaluation, policy analysis, and needs assessment.
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Winona State University
SOC 376 - Introduction to Social Research - 3 credits

Students study of the nature of scientific inquiry, logic, causality, ethics; the tools required to conduct sociological research, including research design, sampling, and measurement; and quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methodologies used in the social sciences, including surveys, experiments, field research, unobtrusive methods, and interviews. Throughout the term, students conduct a research project on which they report at the end of the semester. The main goal of this course is methodological literacy. Prerequisites: SOC 150 and for BA Sociology majors, STAT 110 or PSY 231. Grade only. Offered each semester.
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